Health Experts Advice

As mentioned above, patients/individuals have been asked a set of questions. Once the health assessment is completed, Telecaller evaluates overall health status and made further categorization of individuals such as Mild, Moderate and Severe.

Mild - With No symptoms OR mild symptoms.

Moderate - Having moderate symptoms such as Fever, Coughing, Loss of Taste & Smell, etc.

Severe - Symptoms with serious problems such as Breathing Difficulty, High-grade Fever, Decrease in SP02 level, etc.

This categorization enables Telecaller to evaluate patients/individuals health status and identify the requirement of medical help. Further as per the requirement moderate and severe cases immediately transferred to a special panel of Medical Practitioner/Health Expert/Doctor. Required medicines, guidance and help provided by the doctor's panel.

As per the objective for us every life is precious and through this COVID Care Call Centre, we are trying to save every life.

Save Life!